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President Salmanpour and his team were invited to the Cameroon National Olympic Committee (NOC) for an official visit.

Mr. Mehdi Salmanpour, President of the Federation International Football Skating, was invited to the Cameroon National Olympic Committee for an official meeting and discussion on the development plans of Cameroon and Africa in 2024.

“This is our last day in Cameroon, it was a wonderful meeting in Africa,” said the FIFS President.

In the last days of our stay in Cameroon, we had various government meetings, television, and radio interviews, IPTC international Coach and Referee certification seminars, and Football Skating national competitions.

Surely in 2024 we will be here again for better development and bigger seminars.

He added, I saw the potential of Cameroon and the passion of the Cameroonian government and officials. This is something I cannot ignore.

Cameroon deserves a good place in Africa in the sport of Football Skating.

The President of the National Olympic Committee of Cameroon noted our country is always open for international sports, educational programs, and development.

Our people are always looking for special and modern sports. Football Skating is a 142-year-old sport. An old but very modern sport.

We are here to announce our partnership with FIFS and International Professional Training Certification IPTC in the Africa 2024 Sports Projects.

 Africa is an important continent for us, said Mr. Phillips, Vice President of FIFS. We at the International Federation always count on our colleagues from Africa and we do our best to support them.

At the end of this meeting, Mr. Mehdi Salman Pour presented his latest book to the President and Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee of Cameroon.

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