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Mehdi Salman Pour Charity’s visions:

In order to directly support athletes, elites, champions, coaches. Teachers, talented children who have serious financial problems to achieve their goals and future.

As president of several global and continental federations, as well as the IPTC International Organization, my main goal is to advance charitable goals by acting primarily as a material and spiritual supporter of "donation" in order to fund and support Operation, management and development (amateur, youth, community and other groups known as charities) of sport and physical activity (specifically, but not necessarily exclusively, focusing on a particular sport, gender, color, race, religion and…) providing basic facilities for athletes, supporting their projects, managing the necessary programs and infrastructures, cooperating with government and private organizations and bodies in order to encourage wider participation, promoting community health, promoting science, sports, study, management , and similar cases for these people are in my support priorities.

Attracting government or private sponsors in different countries of the world to provide facilities or organize sports, recreational, competitive, scientific, and educational activities with the aim of improving the living conditions and social level of people who are basically deprived of these facilities or activities but can become Olympic champions., become capable managers, experienced and international trainers and finally become the best version of themselves.

Some of Mehdi Salman Pour Charities potential ideas and projects

Sports employment plan for people who need financial assistance from their governments.

In this project, our main focus is on youth who have unemployment problems and need government assistance. We easily create sports coaches, assistant sports coaches, work forces related to educational areas, and similar things from these people, according to their interest and talent, using a single fabric and modern management system. Undoubtedly, after completing the relevant courses, these people will gain experience after a while, and not only will we have experienced and good personnel, but they will also have financial income and will no longer need the help of the government or their families.

This plan is very intelligently planned, and it can undoubtedly be one of the successful entrepreneurship plans.

Job creation plan and support for the refugee community

The sports, educational, social, and educational job creation plan has been designed for the refugee and asylum seeker community in different countries who do not have the right to work in that country for various reasons.

We must note that the many benefits of this plan are first for the host country of the asylum seekers and the people of that society, governments, the goals of human rights organizations, the police and security department, the country's economy, anti-corruption departments and similar organizations.

My idea in this project is to manage the crisis and directly support working children, youth and adults who are seeking shelter and prevent them from doing any kind of black work, all kinds of illegal activities that they must do to meet the minimum needs of their lives.

With a pre-planned organizational management, an intelligent strategic plan, the support of public and private organizations, targeted advertising, and most importantly, the quality control of the project implementation and direct supervision by expert observers, this project will become one of the biggest, good projects in the world.

The possibility of using adolescents, young people, and adults of refugee communities in:

  • Sports facilities (special purpose)
  • Some specific factories (special purpose)
  • Schools (special purpose)
  • Universities (special purpose)
  • Kindergartens (special purpose)
  • Departments related to the environment and community health (special purpose)
  • Clothing products (special purpose)
  • Agriculture (special purpose)
  • Tourism and tourists (special purpose)

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