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Mehdi Salman Pour Upcoming Projects.

“15th Football Skating World Cup 2023”

Mehdi Salman Pour is the President of the 15th Football Skating World Cup 2023. He has plan to organize the largest skating world cup and become the world Guiness Record holder.

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Running Projects
  • International Certification Seminars America: Canada, USA.
  • International Certification Seminars in South America: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica.
  • International Certification Seminars in Europe: United Kingdome, Italy, Spain, Germany,France, Greece, Turkey.
  • International Certification Seminar in Asia: Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, UAE, SaudiArabia, India, Indonesia, Qatar, Azerbaijan.
  • International Certification Seminar in Africa: Cameroon, Senegal, Morocco, Uganda, Ghana, Egypt, South Africa.

Special and Unique Smart Magazine

Finalize the IPTC/TSMU international Magazine’s business plan for 2025

First Book

Mehdi Salman Pour was the only young professional skater who became a coach at a very  young age (13 years old). He founded and introduced his teaching method with the title (HOW TO SKITE). Mehdi Salman Pour published his first in-line skate training book at the age of 16.

Books: Today, Mehdi Salman Pour is the author of a series of Football Skating Refereeing,Coaching and Laws of the Game.He has published 4 editions of his books in English, and he has plans to publish 32 different sports, educational, management, motivational, autobiographical, etc. books in a developedcountry in different languages.

– Publishing new international books – Football Skating Grade (B)
– Publishing new international books – Football Skating Grade (A)
– Publishing new international book – How to Teach Inline Skates Professionally
– Publishing new international book- Start early (this is a motivational and management book for teenagers)

Professional Skate Courses

Starting Professional Skate Training in Turkey for a very big numbers of students

Permanently residence

Communication with Turkey, Canada, Japan, USA, Azerbaijan, Qatar, and choose one of them for the Permanent Resident

Environmental Protection

Involving and supporting global environmental protection programs all over the world


Updating the final version of my University’s (TSMU- Talent Sports Management University) Business Plan to present to a suitable country between Japan, Canada, China, USA, and Germany to be host of this special and unique University.

Products and Franchises

Finalize the Production line and franchises business plan.
Sign the contract for our Products and brands franchises in all over the world.

IOC Member

Become one of the IOC official members.

Job Creation /Employment Plan

Mehdi Salman Pour has a new project/idea for job creation and entrepreneurship especially for the refugees or normal people who are looking for part time or full-time job. Sponsoring Talented youth

TSMU University Branches

Establishment of TSMU- Talent Sports Management University Branches in other continents

Charity Program

Improve Charity level to support Kids, and sports athletes around the globe. Supporting / sponsoring World Level Athletes who need sponsor

+70 International Seminars Worldwide per year

Cooperate with more than 50 International Federations and Organizations
Supporting International Federations World Level Championships

IT and Technology

Making a professional IT and Technology department included +500 Expert and talented IT people beside each other for a unique and special project.

Certification Seminars

Start official certification Seminars for more than 25 various sports.

Special Needs

Supporting Especial Needs Children, train them, making team, send them to championships.

App Development

Creating a unique and professional IPTC Smart Application

IPTC Branches/Franchises

Establish more than 10 IPTC Branches in the different parts of the world.

Online TV

TSMU and IPTC own TV Chanel

International Federations Partnership

Cooperate with more than 50 International Federations and Organizations
Supporting International Federations World Level Championships

Schools Olympiad

Organizing the World Schools/Universities multi modern Sports Olympiad

Comming Soon!

Today Mehdi Salman Pour has hundreds of modern and creative ideas, he is the designer of a very special university system that the world needs, big business plans, various production lines, the designer of an entrepreneurial management system for young people,
He planned to carry out its goals and projects in a suitable country in 2024-2025.

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