Mehdi Salman Pour


International Professional Training Certification – IPTC

IPTC is an official Non-Profit organization. Founded in 1997, registered and recognized by the New York Chamber of Commerce, Turkish Chamber of Commerce, various National Olympic Committees, SportsMinistries, International Federations, International Organizations, Universities, Sports Clubs, etc.

IPTC organization many International Certification Seminars, Professional Training Courses, theoretical and practical educational programs, International Camps, Schools Sports Activities, including valid certifications all over the world.

The IPTC’s history has been started when the founder and president of the IPTC, Mr. Mehdi Salman Pour is known as Arash Salmanpour was just 14 years old. At the first action, he started to change the old and the traditional training method of In-line Skating, Roller Skating, and Ice skating to the academic and modern training methods for the beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Today Mehdi Salman Pour – Arash is holding various official responsibilities and titles in the international sports federations, confederations, organizations around the world.

IPTC Seminars and courses are suitable for those who already gained some experience in varıous sports coaching, refereeing, managing, etc. whilst working as an apprentice, following their completion of the latest award, qualification in fields. i.e coaches working towards their assistant coach qualification should be committed to their development as a coach and should be able to demonstrate this is through extended off-course study. When they received their IPTC certification, they should continue to work under  the direct supervision of the National Federation, official clubs, or a more experienced and qualified coach throughout their course of study. Note: the professional participants with high-level certifications can start work independently under the laws of their countries. The International Professional Training Certification-IPTC, every year organizes different certification seminars, training courses, summer and winter camps, and online seminars/webinars for the various international federations, continental federations, national federations, clubs, organizations, groups, and individual applicants around the world.


IPTC Football Skating Referee Signals

Inline Skate official Shooting with Mehdi Salman Pour

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