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More about Mehdi Salman Pour known as Arash

Mehdi Salman Pour (Born June 04, 1983)
His Original Name is Mehdi and he changed his name to (Arash) at the age of 14 years old.

He became a champion and very famous skater in Iran in almost all fields of Inline Skating such as
Aggressive Inline Skating, Speed Skating, Inline Hockey, Figure Skating, Ice Skating, Slalom Skating, Football Skating/RollerSoccer, Marathon racing, etc.

Mehdi Salman Pour was the only Professional and youngest Skater who became a coach at a very young age. He introduced his own method of teaching with the title of (HOW TO SKATE).

He published his own first inline-skate training book when he was 16 years old. He had many interviews with National TV’ Channels, National Newspapers/magazines, radio channels, etc.

Arash Salmanpour had several training sessions for the beginners and intermediate skaters on national TV.
Arash left Kish Island to overseas to improve his knowledge, experiences, research, at the same age.

Today Mehdi Salman Pour – Arash is holding various official responsibilities and titles in the international sports federations, confederations, organizations around the world.

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