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FIFS President Mr. Mehdi Salman Pour invited byMinister of Sports in India -Hyderabad.

The President of the Federation International Football Skating FIFS Mr. Mehdi Salman Pour, and his assistant Ms.
Zahra Abdoliharandi invited to India to have an official meeting with Minister in Hyderabad.
The Minister of Sport and FIFS President both spoke about the Upcoming 15th Football Skating World Cup, Asia
Football Skating Cup and School/University’ Football Skating World Cups.
The Minister mentioned, Hyderabad is a very beautiful, safe, and one of the international cities of India. we already
hosted many other international sports, and we are ready to be host of the 15th Football Skating World Cup 2023. He
added we will do our full support to bring this event to India.
At the end of the meeting the Minister awarded a gift to the FIFS President and his assistant as the Indian traditional
culture and the FIFS President awarded a memento to the Minister.

Thursday, 04 May 2023

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